lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Succesful ascent to Coropuna snowy mountain 6425 m.a.s.l., Exitoso ascenso al nevado Coropuna 6425 m.s.n.m. the 3rd highest mountain in Perú

Coropuna snowy the 3rd highest mountain in Perú october 2009 really good. Ascenso al Coropuna tercer pico mas alto del Perú octubre 2009 realmente buena aventura.

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Succesful expedition to nevado Ampato 6320 m.a.s.l.

"nevado"Ampato 6320 m.a.s.l June 2009

here you can find details of my adventure going to Ampato snowy mountain 6380 m.a.s.l. pictures and one video on the summit
aca pueden encontrar detalles sobre mi aventura ascendiendo al nevado Ampato 6380 m.s.n.m.
fotos y un video de la cima

jueves, 23 de julio de 2009

videos made by persons that tried adventures with me AS GUIDE ...videos hechos por gente que disfruto de estas aventuras conmigo siendo yo el guia



lunes, 6 de julio de 2009

Climbing Chachani "the valiant" 6075 m.a.s.l. / ascendiendo el valeroso Chachani 6075 m.s.n.m.

- Duration : two days and 1 night (2d/1n) normaly we take one weekend

- Date
: 22 y 23 of August or depending of the majoritie of the group´s desition I am able both dates
- Necassary Money : S/.140.00 or $ 47.00
- This pay includes :
- Permanent guide during all the trip

- Movility (4x4 special van) going and back transportation from Arequipa until the start point in the slope in the 4950 m.a.s.l.

- Mountain Equipment
- Crampons
- Piolet

- A good soup for the night

about the rest of the necessary equipment that normaly is preocupation of oneself :
- A sleeping bag
- Tent
- Special or just heavy clothes for mountain(including gloves, sunglasses and front lamp)
- Shoes for trecking

about the food and quantity of water...
- I recomend 3,5 liters of water making balance between weight and necessity of water
- The food must be without grease and the dry food is good for one easier diggestion
bread, nuts, peanuts, old grapes, dry peach, hard fruit (cause you have to carry this with all the rest of the equipment in your bag, soft fruit is more posible to be braked)
- All the time be moisturized is important, candies are really good for this
- Chocolates and energy bars if you like

describing the adventure...
this adventure begins in the downtown of Arequipa the normal point is the Grau bridge or the main square we will have a meeting to acord this details in the last night before the adventure, ok let'scontinue...
one time in the 4x4 special van we ahve to travel on this an average 3 hours, going into the national natural reserve of "Aguada Blanca"
located between the mountains where we can apreciate llamas, alpacas and just in this part behind the chachani the "vicuña" the pretiest southamerican cammel or "auquenido" in spanish we can see vizcachas ( a kind of a mountain's rodent).
Then, we will arrive to the start point where we began to walk up until the base camp that is really closer 1 hour or less walking, in order to be acclimatized make the tends, and ready for the next day, during the sunset and the last hours of the afternoon we will eat and optionally to the people that want this a really good soup can be cooked with the help of all the group of course...(just kidding i can make this bymyself), then we have to sleep because the next day begins really early 1 or 1:30 in the morning, cause a good mountainer habit of begin to walk early when the snow and the ice is still hard and not melting yet.

The second day taking our front lamps, food, water all the heavy clothes in order to face the cold (-10) and leaving in the tend the rest of the weight we gonna walk by 7 hours in the ice (snow) and ground to
finally make summit on 6075 m.a.s.l. the way to coming back is the same but going down when we back this takes 3:30 or 4 hours more until the camp, (10 or 11 hours at maximum depending of the mountainers ritm).
we have one hour average to make our tends and all our equipment to go down one hour more walking of course and finally go to the bus parade on the start point of the first day to come to arequipa 2 or 2:30 hours going down from the
national natural reserve of "Aguada Blanca".

in this video you can see how is to climb Chachani "the valiant" 6075 m.a.s.l. / ascendiendo el valeroso Chachani 6075 m.s.n.m. I hope you enjoy my friends that like the mountain. my recent video. Espero que disfruten mis amigos montañeros y a todos los que quieran intentarlo por primera vez, mi reciente video del Chachani aqui para uds.
Tito Palma Paredes.